Have you always dreamt about being in real estate but have no idea where to start and what it takes? After making a significant investment in her personal development and taking advice from her coaches, Debbie Camacho-Franco took massive action and began to build her real estate business focused on apartment investing. Realizing that networking, traveling, marketing, and educational training costs quickly added up, Debbie also knew it was imperative to continue investing “growth” capital but before investing any more of her money, she wanted a sure thing. Luckily, she found me and the Kahuna Boardroom. If you want to get into multifamily, you don’t have to start wholesaling or continue rehabbing. Just go for it.

Topics in This Episode:

● Power of Connection: Network and find out who’s who

● Kahuna Boardroom attendees want to do something to change and grow

● Mentors helped Debbie learn how to manage people in the corporate world

● Corporate world experience allowed Debbie to build her own business

● Debbie considers her mother an amazing human being and the reason why she’s so driven professionally to be able to take care of those she loves

● Corporate America: Way to make a living, but company gets the profits; at the same time, transition to be your own boss and start your own business

● Spin-selling means asking situational, problem, impact, and pay-off questions to tell a story and paint a picture that motivates people

● Self-selected investors and partners should like and trust each other before making a commitment

● Most people want freedom and time, but don’t have either or only one; the solution is to invest in multifamily apartments

● Raising Money and Momentum: What it feels like to get your first, “Yes”

● Being true to herself is one of the main principles that Debbie lives by; it reconfirms her attitude and character

● Debbie loves to help and mentor others, so she brings together people who want to learn about multifamily investing

● Visualize: When you start to believe in it, you can achieve it

● Stay focused during moments of self-doubt; “No” means for right now, not forever

● Real estate isn’t always a solopreneur sport; get support from a partner

● Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams; entrepreneurship is as much about failure as success to be able to grow and learn

Quotes by Debbie Camacho-Franco:

“To be a good leader, you have to be a good listener. In order to be a good listener, you have to ask lots of questions.”

“When you focus on something, you get what you focus on.”

“Whenever I talk to my mentees and they tell me about their successes and everything, that’s what I love the most, to see people grow.”

“I believe that it’s better to trust and be disappointed occasionally, than to always mistrust and live a miserable life.”

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Debbie Camacho-Franco

As the Founder and CEO of Franco Acquisitions, investing in multifamily apartment buildings is a proclivity to Debbie’s passion in helping people live somewhere they are proud of while also providing her investors with opportunities to create multiple flows of income and retire early by reducing the dependence on their jobs and conventional investments such as stocks, bonds, and 401(k) plans. She has a diverse background in sales, strategy and consulting experience, and enterprise technology and operations at a global investment bank and financial services corporation that generates over $71 billion in revenue.