Real Estate Business Mastery Show – Elizabeth Navarrete, Debbie Camacho-Franco, Guest: Dr. Alan Johnson – S1E11

Dr. Johnson reveals how saying no, laughing daily and breathing deeply are critical components of self-care. We accept that stress is a part of life while often ignoring that relief must be a part of life as well. Understanding that you can’t pour from an empty and that prioritizing self-care is imperative to a productive life. Dr. Johnson provide the framework and tools necessary to center your mind and recharge.



What are the 6 domains of self-care?


With whom should you compare yourself?


How does taking deep and focused breaths help with stress?


What are 3 things that create good sleep hygiene?


What are 2 free self-care apps?

Psychologist Dr. Alan Johnson discusses self-care and its importance specifically in a stressful industry.

What is Self-Care?
Self-Care is prioritizing way of maintaining or improving your well-being. Take time to recharge by doing something you enjoy, exercise, making a list, etc. Prioritizing yourself is not selfish even though it may take time away from family and friends because you can’t pour from an empty cup so if you do not prioritize refilling the cup, you will have nothing to give.

Make a “NO” list:
You can’t say yes to everything. Make a list of things that are important to you. If someone ask you to do something, you must determine: Do I have the time? Do I want to do this? Is this a priority? Saying no is good enough on its own, it needs no further explanation.

The 6 Domains of Positive Living (Deepak Chopra)
Physical: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Health. Exercise is critical, if you are not a gym buff, take a walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Emotional: Anxiety, Stress, Depression.
Mental: Stimulation or lack of.
Social: Time alone is necessary and so is time socializing.
Spiritual: This does not mean religion, just connection to something higher than yourself. It could be connection to your community.
Practical: The things you need to get done. Your checklist.

The Comparison Trap:
“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt. Human nature is to compare ourselves to those who have more or appear to have more. We compare our insides to their external presentation. Self-Comparison can be constructive if you look at your situation to gauge your progress or regression and determine what you are doing right and what improvement you need to make on yourself.

The Importance of Breathing:
Taking deep controlled breaths for specific counts (breath in for 5 seconds, then out for 5 seconds) is a calming technique that refocuses your mind and energy.

Sleep Hygiene:
Remove all electronic devices from the bedroom. The blue light tricks the mind into thinking its daytime. Don’t perform business activities in the bedroom. Create sleep habits or routines around going to bed. For example, lay out your clothes for the following day, brush your teeth, pull the curtains, etc. Perform them the same way at the same time. This tells your brain you are going to sleep.

Mindfulness is the purposeful act of paying attention to the here and now without judgment. If your mind starts to wander, acknowledge it, accept it, move on.

The Grounding Technique:
Using your 5 senses to bring you back to the present moment, counting backwards.
Sight: What are 5 things I can see?
Sound: What are 4 things I can hear?
Touch: What are 3 things I can touch?
Smell: What are 2 things I can smell?
Taste: What is 1 thing I can taste?
Free Self-Care Apps: Calm, HeadSpace.

It is important to laugh every day.

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