The Creative Real Estate Podcast: With guest Debbie Camacho-Franco

The Creative Real Estate Podcast, hosted by Adam A. Adams, with guest Debbie Camacho-Franco, discuss why Self-Care is so important to success and on a separate note, why Real Estate investors/business owners should care about Cybersecurity.

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Debbie Camacho-Franco

As the Founder and CEO of Franco Acquisitions, investing in multifamily apartment buildings is a proclivity to Debbie’s passion in helping people live somewhere they are proud of while also providing her investors with opportunities to create multiple flows of income and retire early by reducing the dependence on their jobs and conventional investments such as stocks, bonds, and 401(k) plans. She has a diverse background in sales, strategy and consulting experience, and enterprise technology and operations at a global investment bank and financial services corporation that generates over $71 billion in revenue.