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Franco Acquisitions® is a privately held investment company focused on providing our clients stable, income producing multifamily opportunities in stable and emerging U.S. markets.

Our target properties generate strong ongoing cash flow income as well as long term wealth potential.

We target high yield passive cash flow and long-term capital appreciation through strategic acquisition and superior asset management, capitalizing on opportunities created by market conditions to own stabilized multifamily properties in premier locations.

Our success and reputation has been built on conservatism, ethics, passion, attention to detail, responsibility, and our belief that trust starts and ends with honesty and integrity.

Dependable Income

Multifamily real estate investments are assets secured by 9 to 14 month leases, which provide a regular and dependable income stream that should produce positive cash flow higher than typical stock dividends.

Tax-Advantaged Investing

The U.S. Tax code is very favorable to real estate owners, providing numerous ways to shield a portion of the positive cash flow the asset produces and pays out to  investors.

Long-Term Wealth Generation

Over the last 20 years, direct ownership of multifamily commercial real estate has had the best risk-adjusted return of any other real estate asset class, the stock market, bonds, and REIT’s.

Hassle-Free Cashflow

We do all the work to find and acquire the right deals, then we oversee all aspects of ownership. Our investors receive tax-advantaged passive cash flow, without having to do any of the work.


Million USD Value

Years Experience

Why Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Cash Flow

Tenants pay monthly rent, which is used to pay the loan and all expenses such as repairs and fees. All of the cash that is left after expenses and taxes provides consistent monthly profit to the owners.


Commercial real estate is significantly less volatile and more stable than the stock market, with 300% fewer down years than the stock market (going all the way back to the Great Depression).


By using bank money or other financing, you can typically purchase multifamily properties with 25% down, but you get 100% control and all of the income, appreciation, and tax benefits.

Tax Advantages

Real estate has numerous tax advantages, such as depreciation and cost segregation, unavailable to stock and bond investors. This allows you to keep more profits in your pockets!


Multifamily properties appreciate by increasing rents as a result of adding value, and by adding  new streams of income  (vending machines, laundry, paid parking, etc).


The rent paid by tenants is used to pay the monthly loan or mortgage, which pays down the debt on the property. This  increases your equity each month, and creates long-term wealth.

What about stocks, are the risks greater than the rewards?

We are in the longest bull market in history, with valuations seen at previous market tops. Prudent risk management – when it applies to investing – is the practice of analyzing and identifying evidence of bear market risk, and taking precautionary steps to reposition your portfolio to reduce or curb that risk when necessary.

One’s investment strategy in the late stages of a mature bull market, when the risk of sudden and significant drops are more likely, should be very different than in the early years of a new bull market. We’re here to help you navigate alternative investing approaches.

Multifamily Demand

Facts support our belief that the United States is expected to experience a significant demand for rental units. Stagnant job growth and stringent lending guidelines continue to make any decision other than renting difficult for most Americans. Additionally, the prior recession significantly hindered and reduced the supply of new housing.

While construction financing has become easier and new supply is on the rise, the pipeline for new construction is expected to lag U.S. population growth over the long term. All of these factors contribute to continued demand for apartments and Franco Acquisitions and its investors are poised to take advantage of these economic and demographic factors by acquiring premier multifamily properties with stable cash flow and long term appreciation.

Why Multifamily Over Single Family Homes?

Single-family rentals can be a great investment. It’s easy to get started investing in single-family properties and it’s relatively easy to buy and sell individual properties.

However, there are some very significant advantages to consider for investing in multifamily properties. If you want to make great strides in your wealth, multifamily properties have built-in economies of scale. You can add 10, 50, or 100+ units with a single transaction.

Owning a multifamily is more efficient because it takes less time and energy to buy and manage a 100 unit apartment building than it does to buy 100 single family homes!

Apartments enjoy a higher return on investment (ROI) because they typically have a lower cost per door, management is typically more effective and profitable, and  multifamily improvements increase the rental value of all units, not just one. 

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Team Portfolio

Hawkeye Towers
Waterloo, IA
Arial shot of hawkeye towers

6% Preferred Return on cash flow

Projected 12% average annual ROI over 5 year Period

All Student Housing, 294 Beds across from College

Acquired in November 2018

$202,600 USD in Capital Improvements Planned

Eagle Village Apartments*
Eavansville, IN
Eagle Village Apartmets Arial View

6% Preferred Return on cash flow

Projected 12% average annual ROI over 5 year period

Student Housing Only Building 508 Beds

Acquired in October 2017

$450,000 USD in Capital Improvements Planned

San Simeon Condominiums*
Tucson, AZ

7.4% investor cash on cash return

70 units built in 1966 – Complete Rehab 2012 down to studs

Acquired in September 2013, Occidental Insurance Loan, 7 year fixed

Special needs housing focus in 2014 to rent by the room

*Partner’s syndication deal

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